What is Neurodiversity?- Digital Poster

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What is Neurodiversity?- Digital Poster

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Neurodiversity, as explained by @thrivingmindseducation, refers to the various ways in which human brains function. It underlines that differences in thinking, learning, and relating to others are natural aspects of human variation.

  • Neurodiversity encompasses a wide spectrum of cognitive functioning and ways of thinking.
  • These differences and variations are a natural part of human existence and are considered normal.
  • There is no superior group in terms of cognitive functioning; it's normal and acceptable to be different.
  • It's vital to acknowledge, anticipate, and accept this diversity.


This poster is NOT to be used as a diagnostic or medical tool.

This is a digital product, not a physical product. Once purchased, you will receive the digital copy containing 1 x page in a PDF document.