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Kate Reid

Program Coordinator: Inclusion

Bob Hawke College

"Annabel Tannenbaum shared her expertise as an educator and a proud neurodivergent in clear, neuro-affirming explanations and engaging stories. She clearly understood our school’s context and tailored her presentations to our needs. Annabel carried distinctive credibility with staff as a fellow educator and showed significant skills in presenting clear and practical professional learning. Importantly, our students immediately warmed to her. They ‘leaned in’ as she spoke to them about her lived experience. They were eager to understand more from her about removing barriers in schools. More schools need to learn about meeting the needs of neurodiverse students from Annabel in order to truly create inclusive education in the 21st Century."



Dr Sarah Bernard MBBS FRACP

Geriatrician, North Metropolitan Health Service

Disability Inclusion Advisor, Department of Education

"Annabel’s deep knowledge of neurodiversity and personal anecdotes create a compelling story that resonates with audiences of students, parents and teachers. The practical strategies she shares are well-received, leaving school teams inspired and motivated to make positive changes. I am grateful to have presented alongside Annabel and highly recommend her as a speaker on neurodiversity in education. When it comes to helping students with all kinds of brains and minds to thrive in school, Annabel creates a positive mindet and a lasting impression.”



Shannon Van Wyk

Child and Adolescent Community Health

Child Development Service Clinical Educator |

CACH Learning and Development

“Annabel is a wonderful advocate and representative in the neurodiverse/AuDHD community. I admire her commitment and bravery in using her story as an avenue for raising awareness and educating others. She gives 110% to presentations and her presentation style is authentic, funny, warm and engaging. The Thriving Minds shop is a wonderful local option for self-regulation tools, social stories and beautifully crafted toys and books.”



Claire Britton
Occupational Therapist
“Annabel is an exceptional presenter and teacher of everything inclusion. She brings her lived experiences with her hope for growth to provide insight to those honoured to listen to her. She offers practical strategies that are realistic and understands the complexities of students’ lives.”
Cat Von Felton
“Annabel brings a wealth of knowledge and insight in the experience of life as a neurodivergent person. She bravely shares her own lived experience as a neurodivergent person, she shares the benefits of a neuro-affirming approach, and offers great wisdom with her additional experience as a teacher. I have learnt a lot from Annabel in my journey as an ADHD parent and mother to two autistic children and how to help advocate for them in different environments. I hope to attend more sessions run by Annabel and I hope that our school can bring her in to share some insights of neuro-affirming practices in the classroom.”
Nazli Gwynn
"There needs to be more Annabels in the world! She is an authentic presenter who delivers content that comes from her own lived experiences as a child learner and as an adult educator. Annabel offers teachers and parents practical and unique teaching and learning strategies that will see young minds thrive. Bravo!"
Georgina Klimaitis
Senior Paediatric Speech Pathologist
“Such a special evening meeting and sharing ideas with like minded people. Annabel very kindly and bravely allows us into her world,, experiences and point of view in the hopes of making a positive change for the next generation.”
Natalie Leishman,
Occupational Therapist
“Annabel is a wonderful speaker; honest, engaging and articulate. I appreciated her vulnerability and openness while she shared her personal story and grateful for the knowledge she offered. She is a wonderful advocate for the neurodivergent community with so much to share. Her store, Thriving Minds Education is full of amazing books and resources. I am so pleased with the items I have purchased and look forward to buying more from her.“


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