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Thriving Minds Education's products have been designed for the specific use of applications. Our products product may not be used for unlawful purposes and that use is expressly prohibited under the terms and conditions of its use.

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Shop by Ages

The ages are a guide only and have been created by following the Australian Safety Standards for Toys. Some toys may be developmentally appropriate for younger ages but according to the Australian Safety Standards for Toys they are classified as not appropriate for under a certain age.

Children are all different and may not be interested in items that are often regarded as 'developmentally appropriate.' It is important to consider your own child's interests and abilities when choosing toys.

If you are unsure that a toy is safe for your child you can have a look on the Australian Safety Standards for Toys website or contact them 

Product Liability. The Company (Thriving Minds Education Pty Ltd) has no Liability arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of the ownership, possession, or use of any product manufactured, sold, leased, or delivered by the Company.



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