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What Does Neuroaffirming Mean?

  • By recognising differences among individuals as unique qualities rather than flaws that require fixing, the concept of neuroaffirming aims to create a more inclusive and accepting environment.
  • Acknowledges the individuality and distinct needs of each person.
  • Celebrating and embracing individuals' strengths and passions.

About me

I’m Annabel Tannenbaum,the proud founder of Thriving Minds Education. I know what it feels like to struggle with fitting in. For years, I couldn't understand why I felt overwhelmed while others appeared to have it all together. After five years of teaching, I was diagnosed as autism and ADHD, and this diagnosis allowed me to see my differences in a new light. I embraced neurodiversity and finally felt empowered to celebrate my unique qualities.


Kate Reid
Program Coordinator: Inclusion
Bob Hawke College

"Annabel Tannenbaum shared her expertise as an educator and a proud neurodivergent in clear, neuro-affirming explanations and engaging stories. She clearly understood our school’s context and tailored her presentations to our needs. Annabel carried distinctive credibility with staff as a fellow educator and showed significant skills in presenting clear and practical professional learning. Importantly, our students immediately warmed to her. They ‘leaned in’ as she spoke to them about her lived experience. They were eager to understand more from her about removing barriers in schools. More schools need to learn about meeting the needs of neurodiverse students from Annabel in order to truly create inclusive education in the 21st Century."

Dr Sarah Bernard MBBS FRACP
Geriatrician, North Metropolitan Health Service
Disability Inclusion Advisor, Department of Education

"Annabel’s deep knowledge of neurodiversity and personal anecdotes create a compelling story that resonates with audiences of students, parents and teachers. The practical strategies she shares are well-received, leaving school teams inspired and motivated to make positive changes. I am grateful to have presented alongside Annabel and highly recommend her as a speaker on neurodiversity in education. When it comes to helping students with all kinds of brains and minds to thrive in school, Annabel creates a positive mindet and a lasting impression.”

Shannon Van Wyk
Child and Adolescent Community Health
Child Development Service Clinical Educator |
CACH Learning and Development

“Annabel is a wonderful advocate and representative in the neurodiverse/AuDHD community. I admire her commitment and bravery in using her story as an avenue for raising awareness and educating others. She gives 110% to presentations and her presentation style is authentic, funny, warm and engaging. The Thriving Minds shop is a wonderful local option for self-regulation tools, social stories and beautifully crafted toys and books.”

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Workshop Feedback

Fidgets and Neurodiversity

East Victoria Park Ed Support Centre- 30/1/24

  • 'I liked the hands-on experience of fidgets; knowledge and experience.'

    - Kerstin, Education Assistant

  • 'Appropriate use of when to use fidgets. Great introduction to the presentation. Great analogies.'

    - Michelle, Teacher Assistant

  • 'The diverse range of fidget toys adding my knowledge about 'this' ed-support area. The honesty of the presenter's self-diagnosis has inspired me to be calmer and happier that people (with certain condition) can do anything and succeed.'

    - Florence, Education Assistant

  • 'You being an amazing advocate for autistic, ADHD, PTSD.'

    - Bridie, Education Assistant (Special Needs)

  • 'Very practical and realistic.'

    - Deepti, Education Assistant

  • 'I liked the range of fidgets you had available to see, play with and try.'

    - Katie, Education Assistant

  • 'I most liked how the presentation covered the acceptance of other people's needs and the normalisation of needing help through the use of various tools such as fidgets.'

    - Education Assistant (Special Needs)

  • 'Very clear instruction, she is very nice.'

    - Souhila Hafid

  • 'The person who presented she is very confident and inspiring.'

    - Reem Alwush, Education Assistant

  • 'It was a neuroaffirming presentation with a strengths based approach.'

    - Kirsty Cook, Teacher


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