Online Presentation: Introduction to Neurodiversity
Online Presentation: Introduction to Neurodiversity

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Online Presentation: Introduction to Neurodiversity

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Learn about neurodiversity in this introductory online presention with myself, Annabel Tannenbaum. I was an early childhood teacher for almost 8 years and started Thriving Minds Education towards the end of 2017. After being diagnosed as autistic in 2021 and ADHD in 2022, I have been learning, educating and sharing my neurodivergent lived experience and knowledge about neurodiversity.

Topics covered in the video presentation:

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • Neurodiversity terminology
  • Benefits of the neurodiversity model
  • Accommodations and resources to support a neurodiverse learning environment

I strongly believe in educating and supporting our entire community. We all learn differently and can thrive if we are surrounded and nurtured in a way that celebrates, embraces and empowers everyone.

Online video presentation: The link to watch the video presentation will be sent via email and you will be able to watch in your own time. The video runs for approximately 51 mins.


Review from Georgia

'It was great. Thank you! A lovely little intro and simple explanations. Nothing too over complicated about neurodiversity. Things to keep at the back of the mind for future references or if/ when ever needed.'