You, Me And The Rainbow

You, Me And The Rainbow

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“Imagine a brightly coloured rainbow that begins in your heart and ends in mine… This rainbow with all its beautiful colours will keep our hearts together all through the night. You, me and the rainbow.”

We sometimes remember, often dimly, the struggle we had as children with nightmares, especially following events or situations in our lives that hurt us or made us feel uncertain. Bestselling Author of Quest for Life, Petrea King, experienced this struggle with her son and has returned to writing with a beautiful children’s book to help other parents and children struggling with nightmares, where ever they have come from. You, Me & the Rainbow is based on an exercise suggested to King to help her stop her son’s nightmares and sleep peacefully – she was told to wrap him in a rainbow at bedtime.

You, Me & the Rainbow is the story of a little girl, Mariah, whose mother wraps her in all the colours of the rainbow every night, and when she does they enter an enchanting world of ducklings, frogs, dolphins, cherries, sunsets, twinkling stars and violets. The awe and magic of rainbows is perfectly captured in this fantastical and imaginative story, and is brought to life through Patricia Howell’s water colour illustrations. Inspire beauty and calm in the dreams of your children with this enchanting story.

Title: You, Me And The Rainbow
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Author: Petrea King
ISBN: 9781925183283
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/08/2015