Too Timid To Talk

Too Timid To Talk

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It's Hedgehog's birthday and she is very excited! She would like to ask all her forest friends to help her celebrate. But everyone seems so busy. The squirrels are merrily decorating the trees, Bear is sweeping up a storm and Bunny is gathering lots of
delicious food. Every time Hedgehog tries to speak, the words don't seem to come out right! Can Hedgehog be brave and invite her friends to help her celebrate her special day before it's too late, or is she just too timid to talk? Featuring beautiful
illustrations, this unique title will subtly encourage your child to chase their dreams and so what makes them happy.

ISBN: 9781488932342

Format: Paperback

Collection: Too Storybook Series

Pages: 32

Dimensions: H 280mm x W 246mm x D 4mm

Weight: 228g