Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears


Tom's Tears

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Tom's Tears

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When Tom hurts himself skateboarding, Oliver rushes over to comfort him, but notices something strange.

Tom should be crying, but he isn't... 

A kids' book that celebrates how beautiful and special our emotions really are.

Recommended ages: for 0 - 6yrs old

Author: Teigan Margetts

Illustrator: Alvin Mulyono

What is this picture book about?

Join Tom and his best friend, Oliver, as they go on an adventure to rediscover Tom’s tears … and the more sinister reason why he’s lost them in the first place. 

This moving and poignant book strikes right at the heart of how we talk to children about their emotions and particularly, who can show them and how. 

Like a warm hug you didn’t know you needed, this beautiful story will help you rediscover your own tears … as well as Tom’s!

Praise for Tom's Tears

As a teacher, one thing I’m extremely passionate about is emotions. Now thanks to this book, I am able to share why this is important with my children, daily.’ Hello Miss Emma 

“As a dad myself, I know how important role modelling is. This book shows us that it's ok to cry. That it's ok to show emotions and that it's most definitely ok to talk about our feelings." Mr Loves Book Shelf

An excerpt from the story

"Oh no, Tom, how bad is it?" Oliver asked.

"It hurts so much," Tom winced. "But I can't show it - I'm not allowed to cry."

"Why?" Oliver asked, confused. 

"Because I've lost my tears," Tom replied.

"Whatever to do you mean - how did you lose your tears?" Oliver asked.

"It all started a few months ago," explained Tom. "My dad told me that I'm not allowed to cry. He said I needed to be a real man. He said that if I cried that would make me a girl."

"Oh," Oliver responded, sounding surprised. His dad had never told him that.