Safari Ltd Unicorn Baby Mythical Realms
Safari Ltd Unicorn Baby Mythical Realms
Safari Ltd Unicorn Baby Mythical Realms

Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd Unicorn Baby Mythical Realms

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Safari Ltd Unicorn Baby Mythical Realms

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Unicorns are exceedingly rare, of course, which makes a unicorn baby an even more elusive sight. Babies are born without horns, but their horns begin growing after a year and continue growing for as long as the gentle unicorn lives.
  • Scientific Name: Rinocerotis infans
  • Characteristics: This baby unicorn’s horn is just longer than its ears, and its mane and tail feature colorful ribbons. The small creature is gracious and regal, befitting its ancestors.
  • Size and Color: Bright white, with splashes of color in the decorative ribbons that grace its mane, the baby unicorn measures 3 ¾ inches long, about the length of a computer mouse.
  • The Unicorn Baby is part of the Wild Safari® Mythical Realms collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.


Many ancient historians and scientists took the existence of the unicorn for granted. The Greeks and Romans assumed the creature lived in faraway India, and unlike purely mythical creatures like the Griffin and Pegasus, this tale is believable. India is home to the rhinoceros, another one-horned beast known for might and majesty. Strangely enough, the unicorn doesn’t appear in any Greek myths, possibly because the creature was considered real!


The young unicorn raised its tiny, proud head. If it strained its eyes, it could just see the newly sprouted horn in the center of its head. Today would be a special day then, a day to recognize the young one’s new horn. Nymphs arrived shortly to tie colorful ribbons in the unicorn’s flowing mane and short tale. She loved the colors, and she flicked her tail to get a better look at them. Her stately parents approached, nuzzling the baby with pride in their eyes. The baby’s father and mother wore thick silver-white horns, slowly growing longer with each passing year of their lengthy lives.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 9.5 L x 2.20 W x 6.5 H
  • Size in inches: 3.74 L x 0.87 W x 2.56 H
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