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More People to Love Me

More People to Love Me

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Author: O'Hara, Mo

Description: *Australian* A reassuring message for any child with an extended family ...This little girl's family is huge! The only way to show how huge would be to draw a family tree. With a step-mum, a step-dad, four brothers and sisters, and a whole lot of grandparents, her family tree has a lot of branches - and a lot of people to love her. Mo O'Hara's warm and playful story will speak to any young child with an extended or step-family. Accompanied by Ada Grey's charming illustrations, More People To Love Me is a gorgeous book which shows that families come in all shapes and sizes.


ISBN: 9781447277644

Dimensions: 28.7 and 24.7 cm

Publish Date: 01 Oct 2016

Page Count: 32