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Baleen Whales Print
Baleen Whales Print
Baleen Whales Print
Baleen Whales Print
Baleen Whales Print
Baleen Whales Print

Baleen Whales Print

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Created by 'Natural Art Guides'. They create highly detailed hand-painted nature guides for growing minds and nature lovers.

Introducing the mysterious and majestic Baleen Whales! – featuring the beautiful Humpback and the wonderfully giant Blue Whale.

“All baleen whales have baleen instead of teeth which they use to collect shrimp-like krill, plankton and small fish from the sea. These bristly baleen plates filter, sift, sieve or trap the whales’ favourite prey from seawater inside their mouths. Baleen is made out of keratin, the same protein that makes up our fingernails and hair.”

Here we have a collection of nine Baleen Whales beautifully arranged together!

This print is a fantastic resource to refer to and talk about as your child grows, for years to come.

Specifically designed for little hands to take it down to immerse themselves as they learn and discover.

Display your Baleen Whales print at your child’s eye level in your classroom, family room, homeschool room, play room or above their desk.

Imagine how much your children will learn with these artistic nature guides when they can hold them, turn them sideways and upside down, take them outside, and put them on the floor to play with. They won’t have to sit down, concentrate for long periods of time, or even know how to read to be able to learn!

Benefits of professional lamination - fingerprint proof | wipe-able | long lasting | water resistant | dirt resistant | fade resistant | tactile

What can you do with laminated artworks?
• Help to develop fine motor skills by asking your child to point to or circle a specific picture
• Match toy figurines with the pictures
• Draw on and around the illustrations using whiteboard markers (great for long car trips)
• Use pipe cleaners to make shapes around the images
• Use Play-Doh, putty and clay to create realistic models using the illustrations as a guide
• Place tracing paper over the top to copy and create your own designs
• Grab a magnifying glass and explore the world with your artwork – this can be in the garden, at the beach, the park, the forest, when fishing or camping - the possibilities are endless!

Although this painting was originally created to be an interactive learning tool we believe that it stands beautifully on its own as a gorgeous art piece; this is why we now offer non-laminated thick card options that you can frame for permanent display.

You will receive an ultra-high resolution fine art print featuring 9 of our original toothed whale illustrations. Each has been carefully hand drawn and delicately painted in watercolour paint, capturing scientific accuracy and, most of all, its natural beauty.

***Printed with vibrant colours onto a lovely 250gsm silk art paper.***

'Natural Art Guides' have created for:
🌿 nature lovers 🌿 school classrooms 🌿 preschools 🌿 kindergartens 🌿 homeschool rooms 🌿 Montessori educators 🌿 Charlotte Mason educators 🌿 Waldorf / Steiner educators 🌿 home toy rooms 🌿 playrooms 🌿 nursery’s 🌿 bedrooms

(Does not come with frame)