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Alphabet Pathway Mats
Alphabet Pathway Mats
Alphabet Pathway Mats
Alphabet Pathway Mats

Alphabet Pathway Mats

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A playful way to learn letter formation!

This set of 26 pathway mats is ideal for introducing letters and their sounds to young children. With beginning and end markers, children quickly learn to follow the letter shapes and enjoy making the accompanying sounds. The surrounding artwork is filled with objects beginning with the same letter providing opportunity for reinforcement and practise. The cards are made from plastic and are therefore durable for use outdoors providing options to take the learning into different areas of a setting.

Why not leave them outside in the playground for the children to discover or hang them up on a washing line or tree? They can even be used in sand, water and builders trays. Each set includes a full lowercase alphabet.

These mats are part of our Playing with Sounds and Letters range which offers children a hands-on and interactive way to learn initial letters and their sounds.


  • Contains 26 washable plastic mats
  • Size 21 x 21cm
  • Age 3+